This camera now features the new 4.5K Mysterium X Super 35mm cine sized CMOS sensor, an expanded dynamic range of approximately 13 stops, expanded sensitivity range from ISO 100 to 6400, a much improved color science for producing richer images, and quieter blacks when shooting at higher ISO’s.

In addition, depending upon the format you choose, the camera captures outstanding progressive images from 1 up to 30fps in 4.5K, 1 up to 30fps in 4K, 1 up to 60fps in 3K, or 1 up to 120fps in 2K resolution. As a standard feature on the RED ONE, its PL lens mount allows you to use a vast array of cine lenses (while maintaining their depth of field qualities) for the ultimate in creative control.

As for recording mediums, RED’s Compact Flash 16GB cards will record about 8 minutes each of footage in 4K resolution, the 8GB about 4 minutes and, coming soon, the Red 128GB SSD Module which will record 64 minutes of 4K footage at 24fps. The MX- Red One can be configured for hand/shoulder held, Steadicam or or fully loaded studio camera.